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50 Minute Spa Hour MeltAway Massage or Facial

Come 11 x's Get 12th Free = $63.25 each



60 Minute Classic Hour MeltAway Massage or Facial

Come 11 x's Get 12th Free = $73.33 each


90 Minute Classic MeltAway Massage or Facial

Come 11 x's Get 12th Free = $99.92 each


120 Minute Classic MeltAway Massage or Facial;

Come 11 x's Get 12th Free = $132.91 each


And We Offer an Internet Special

Ask for $10.00 Off Your First Visit of 50 Minutes or More!

Explore the world of Medical and Therapeutic Massage! Understand why Hands On is "The Physician's Choice!" Learn about types, techniques and all the do's and don'ts. And of cause, pricing! Click the links below! We are even a Recommended Community Provider for Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center!


A soothing massage can help you unwind, but that's not all.
Best Massage Long Island

Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It's increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Many studies have found massage helpful for:

  • Pain, Injury, Disease
  • Muscle and Joint Stiffness
  • Blood Pressure Control
  • Infant Growth
  • Sports-related Injuries
  • Boosting Immunity
  • Symptoms Related to Cancer Treatment
  • Stress Relief

  • Managing Anxiety and Depression
  • Improving Posture
  • Assisting in Maintaining An Optimal Lifestyle


The significant impact chronic pain has on 50 million Americans is a concern for all health care providers. Chronic pain sufferers are among the most underserved patients in the United States, further exacerbating this growing public health crisis. This group of patients faces many challenges –appropriate access to care, lack of validation of pain as a significant problem, the invisibility of pain and long-term insurance struggles. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for patients with chronic pain and understand their need for specialized attention. In our practice we work with people with acute and chronic pain, in addition to anxiety and stress.

We strive to provide the highest quality care and outcome based massage therapy services. Our wide spectrum of modalities includes soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, manual lymph drainage and trigger point therapy. We believe you will find that we offer superior care and we understand the importance of keeping the doctor informed of their patient’s care. Evaluation and progress reports will always be sent in a timely manner. Patients will always be referred back to their doctor regarding questions, concerns or additional needs.

We are recognized as a leader in Advanced Medical Massage in Suffolk County, Long Island. Massage therapists recognize us as specialists, due to our ongoing on-site training. We specialize in Trigger Point Therapy. This type of work is often the answer regarding Pain, Injury and Disease. We offer many different Advanced Techniques and Types of Massage. We are an Official Recommended Community Provider for Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for Massage Therapy. And last, but not least we offer John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR)

Hands On HealthCare Massage Therapy and Wellness Day Spa of Commack Long Island Is Cancer  Aware!
We are please to announce that we've been verified as CancerAware by Wellness for Cancer
Medical professionals are becoming more knowledgeable about the benefits of Massage Therapy and Manual Lymph Drainage. Primary Medical Doctors, Internists, Orthopedists, Neurologists, Chiropractors, etc. are prescribing Massage Therapy for treatment of injury, pain and illness. Research has proven that Massage Therapy has been shown to promote healing of all types and therefore, is now earning itself a place in the traditional medical world. Many of these Health Care Providers are encouraging their patients to utilize Massage Therapy as a form of treatment.
Why Refer Patients to Hands on HealthCare?
Initial Evaluation and Progress Reports will always be sent to you in a timely manner; enabling you to keep up to date on your patient's care.

Patients will always be referred back to you regarding their continued care.

You will provide your patients with a full range of therapeutic care by building a relationship with a professional, qualified Massage Therapist.

You will be able to offer your No-Fault and Worker's Compensation another alternative form of pain relief that is usually a covered benefit.

We offer a Non-Participating HMO rate when accompanied by a prescription.

30 minute sessions are more typical than 1 hour sessions-Keeping costs down. (Often equivalent to less than 2 co-pays and yet we often offer so much more than other providers.)

Your patients will know immediately if HOHCMT is helping. They will feel better for longer periods of time between visits, either with a reduction of the amount of pain or less pain for longer periods or even both! It's simple, each session will last longer and longer, that's what re-educating a muscle is all about!

Your patients want Massage Therapy. Refer them to someone you know you can entrust their care to, and who also wants to work together for their mutual benefit.

There is a difference between helping someone FEEL better (sedative massage) and helping them GET better, (re-educating the muscle.) We understand the difference and so will the patients!

Our Commack location is conveniently assessable via the LIE and Northern State Parkway


We accept most No-Fault Insurance, sometimes referred to Auto Injury Massage. We are a provider for some HMO's. Please contact us to see if we are a provider for your particular HMO. We suggest that you call your insurance carrier to find out if Massage Therapy is a covered benefit when given by a Licensed Massage Therapist. If it is, find out if there are any requirements, such as a prescription. Should you find that Massage Therapy is covered, we will call to confirm it with your carrier. We now offer a NON-PARTICIPATING HMO RATE! In order to qualify, please obtain a prescription from your doctor. It is the same prices as the 6 session package rate, without buying the package. Please call the office for details.


Very often there can be a fine line between medical and therapeutic massage therapy. For instance, general discomfort in an area usually responds very well to a therapeutic session. If pain or discomfort was due to a tight, over stimulated muscle, you can expect to feel better after the session. Often it is a terrific jumpstart to getting better. However, very often, the muscle and soft tissue need to be re-educated. This will enable them to get and stay better. An example would be a short, contracted muscle being re-taught to stay properly lengthened, thereby allowing proper blood flow, nerve innervations, full range of motion and a decrease in pain or discomfort. Medical geared massage incorporates many of the same techniques as therapeutic massage, along with more advanced modalities. The goal of medical techniques is to produce permanent changes or in some cases, such as paraplegia, to maintain the health of the tissue. We measure the results of medical massage by noting a reduction of pain or discomfort for longer periods of time between sessions. Below you will find a general guideline outlining the major differences between medical and therapeutic massage. However, I strongly recommend asking the advice of your therapist or if you have any reason to believe that medically geared massage would be more beneficial to you than therapeutic massage, please don’t hesitate to arrange for a consultation. A consultation will consist of reviewing your medical history, a hands-on evaluation and a determination as to whether we believe that medical geared massage sessions would be in your best interest. We do not charge for consultations.
Medical Massage Therapy Session Therapeutic Massage Therapy Session
-Treats the muscles, *fascia and **Trigger Points -Treats the muscles, may affect *fascia and
-Addresses shortened and over- lengthened **Trigger Points
muscles -Addresses shortened muscles
-Sedates or stimulates muscles -Sedates muscles and the mind
-Specific, focused work, based on a treatment plan -Most often incorporates a full body session
-Feedback from the client during the session is -Feedback is welcome, but not usually necessary
customary -Feels Great!
-Often, sessions can produce some temporary
30-45 minute sessions. 30-60-90 minute sessions
Each session will generally last longer and longer. The length of results will vary
Most often for: Most often for:

Pain, CT Syndrome, TMJ, Sciatica, Herniated Discs, Scoliosis, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, M.S., Whiplash, Injuries, Chronic muscle tightness/tension, etc.

Stress, Discomfort, Insomnia, Depression, Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, Muscle tightness/tension, Asthma, etc
*Fascia is a tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web from head to foot. Much like a highly fluid, elastic body stocking, it functions without interruption. Fascia comes together at the end of muscles to become tendons, which attach to bones. It has been estimated that if every structure of the body except the fascia were removed, the body would retain its shape. A malfunction of one of the body’s systems due to trauma, poor posture, or inflammation can cause a binding, impinging or adhering of the fascia either to itself or to another body structure such as a muscle, bone or organ. This results in an abnormal pressure on any or all of the body’s components. Binding and restrictions in one area will affect other parts and areas of the body, similar to pulling on one end of a sweater, another area will be affected. The treatment used to treat myofascial restrictions is referred to as Myofascial Release.

**Trigger points are accumulations of waste products around a nerve receptor. Trigger points form in muscles and/or fascia, which has been overused or injured. They can present themselves as sharp pain, dull ache, tingling, pins and needles, etc. Active trigger points are those, which cause discomfort. Latent trigger points wait silently in the muscle for a future stress to activate them. It is common to attribute this discomfort to other conditions. The treatment used to treat trigger points is referred to as Trigger Point Therapy.

Athletes R Us!

Golfers • After the Sandtrap ...

Come have your ‘traps’ worked!

Tennis players •  After the Match Point...

Come have your Trigger Points worked!

Runners  • Get rid of those “ITB Blues!”


Our Couples Spa Date Menu offers many different combinations of massage and spa treatments. Pricing is based on a 2 person booking, but we can accommodate up to 5 friends or family members per session in our beautiful private rooms and suites! Great for a Girl's Day Out, Mom and Me, Forever Friends and of course couples! Our Couples Spa Treatments are second to none! Give us a call to learn more!

Our couples massage and couples spa dates

A wonderful, memorable side by side pampering experience for both of you. ENJOY...

Our warm inviting atmosphere...
Listen to the bubbling of our tranquility fountain...
Enjoy soft music and candlelight...
We are sure to make you feel like you have just found heaven.

Our Tranquility Room is an elegant sanctuary of health, beauty and well being. Our Couples Suite and additional Spa Party Rooms consist of rooms that are separated by long, flowing drapes giving a feeling of luxury and times past. It offers a genteel style, yet it speaks of sophistication and grace. A private foot soak area can be found here which has been described as  - an "oasis within an oasis."

We also offer cozy "Couples Rooms" - which are transformed to accommodate the two of you or more!


A personalized treatment plan is designed just for you! Rather than a massage "routine", we determine a personalized treatment plan specifically geared towards your needs. The treatment strategy will take into account your problem area, your general health, your time constraints, affordability and of course, your desired goals. Pain vs. discomfort vs. tightness are all considered. Most No-fault insurance will cover this type of massage work.

We will try to pull together information to create an understanding of why you are experiencing particular symptoms and how massage therapy may or may not help. This is not a diagnosis. It is more like putting a puzzle together. Many variables are taken into account. Some examples would be, the health of the tissue involved, how long this problem has existed, etc.

Massage Therapy has many wonderful general health benefits, but if you have a specific goal, such as symptomatic relief from a health related condition, then this would be the time to find out if massage can help you.

Treatment methods and goals may change. We will re-evaluate your personalized treatment plan as your state of health changes. We may find that with time, fewer sessions are needed, and different methods need to be used, etc. Again, there is no massage "routine".

Many times a Massage Therapy session can be 30 minutes long and involves doing specific, focused work. Very often, a patient will benefit from more frequent sessions, such as two thirty minutes sessions, rather than a single one hour session. Of course, this will depend on the person and the ailment that they are trying to resolve. One-hour sessions can be wonderful, but they are not always necessary in order to meet a specific goal.

A one-hour full body massage can enhance your general health and well being. This is enough time for a deeply relaxing session and possibly enough time to pay special attention to a problem area. One and half-hours will consist of a full body massage and focused work on a particular problem area, as well.

Having a personalized treatment plan will allow you to manage your own health. It will allow you to gain some control over your sense of well being. It will allow a partnership in which we work together toward specific goals and is designed just for you!

We offer a series of "prevenative maintenance" sessions
.These discounted series allow you to come in for 'regular tune-ups', instead of waiting for a problem to occur or recur. We encourage you to take good care of your health and we are willing to 'lend a hand', by discounting our rates and therefore, making it more affordable. We encourage you to take advantage of these packages!

Often some of the benefits that you obtain from your session can be applied at home. These benefits may include new breathing techniques, gentle stretches, and different methods you can use to help release tension, whether it is emotional or muscular.



Prior to each session
For maximum comfort and benefit, avoid heavy eating for two hours prior to treatment. Please make sure you have a proper fluid intake the day of the massage. Your body will respond better to the work and if need be, more accomplishments can be expected. Caffeine and alcohol intake should be avoided. Please avoid wearing jewelry that will be time consuming to remove. Be prepared to put long hair up and out of the way. Please obtain any relevant medical or test reports regarding your condition. It is of Extreme Importance that you note any changes since your last visit including, but not limited to, a change of medications or level of pain or stiffness. Should you have any of the following, (Contraindications) please call ahead of time to make sure massage is appropriate: INFLAMMATION, SEVERE PAIN, OPEN CUTS, BRUISES, BURNS, HEADACHE, SKIN RASH, SUNBURN, FEVER, COLD OR FLU OR DIARRHEA.
Prior to Your Visit All Clients Will Need to Fill Out Specific Forms
These forms can be submitted directly through this website, without the need to print. Or, they can also be submitted through our Smart Phone App. You can find our App in the Apple Store and the Droid Store by searching for Hands On HealthCare Massage.

First Visit
Relaxation / De-Stress form of Massage Therapy

Your medical history will be discussed with the Massage Therapist. You will be asked if you have a particular area you would like the therapist to concentrate on, such as your lower back.

Massage Therapy for a Specific Condition
Your medical history will be thoroughly discussed in addition to current medications, the reason for seeking massage therapy, etc. Insurance information will be taken, if applicable. Any medical reports or test reports that are relevant to your care should be brought with you and will be discussed. A Range of Motion Evaluation will be done if necessary. An individual, personalized treatment plan will be created.

All Visits
We will discuss your progress, how you are feeling and how you've have been since our last session. The therapist will leave the room while you disrobe. You will relax on the table, covering yourself with a fresh sheet or towel. All linens are changed between sessions. You should feel comfortable at all times. If at any point you are uncomfortable, please let the therapist know. The temperature in the room, the lights and the noise level should all be pleasant. You will be warmly draped at all times, except for the area being worked on. We will use Jojoba as a lubricant rather than oil.

The massage should feel comfortable at all times. The work will always be within your comfort level. However, should it be necessary to do deeper work or trigger point work, and the therapist feels it may cause some discomfort, you will be advised ahead of time. It will be your decision whether or not to use this method for treatment.

During the massage, you may choose to just close your eyes and relax or you may choose to talk. It is up to you. If the therapist feels it is necessary to discuss her/his findings during the massage, she/he will, otherwise we can discuss it afterwards. Please keep in mind, that muscles can sometimes be like minds, "difficult to read." We will try our best, but you ultimately know what feels good and what doesn't. If you even think the therapist is getting close to making you uncomfortable, let her/him know. She/he might need to go about doing the work differently.

The therapist will leave the room after the massage so that you may change in private. It is very important that you get up slowly and take your time. Sometimes massage can cause a little light- headedness. Re-orient yourself. Take your time. We will then discuss your session and follow-up care. We will discuss your treatment plan.

After Your Session
Drink extra fluids that do not contain caffeine or alcohol. This will help prolong the effects of the massage. The fluids will help the muscles stay "looser" longer. In addition, it will help flush the accumulated chemicals that were released. The work consists of working the muscles. It can sometimes feel like a work out for you as well. Feeling a little sore afterwards is not uncommon. Having a proper fluid intake will keep this to a minimum. Being a little sore is different than feeling achy or having pain. Any aches or pain should be reported immediately to your doctor!



Cancellation Policy

We reserve time especially for you. Cancellations and no shows affect us significantly. Therefore, we require 24 hours notice for all individual cancellations, 48 hours for 2 or more services booked and 48 hours on all Couples sessions , (With the exception of the "Creme De La Creme" which is 72 hours) in order to avoid a charge, which will be the full price of the sessions. Rescheduling will not waive the fee. All "no shows" will be charged at full value. If possible, late arrivals will receive an extension of their scheduled appointment however, when this is not possible, full payment is still expected. Please assure your fully allotted time by arriving at the office 15 minutes early. Thank you for co-operation and understanding.

When coming in for pain or discomfort, a gratuity not accepted. Tipping a healthcare professional is not appropriate, and we appreciate your honoring our policy. When coming in for relaxation or preventative maintenance and in addition you have pain or discomfort, then a gratuity is greatly appreciated. So, "because" or "for" pain.... no tip, with pain... tipping is appreciated! Please note that most gift certificates do not include a gratuity. Should you wish to leave a gratuity, 15-20 percent is customary, but you may of course leave more or less, depending on the quality of the service. You may leave it at the reception desk when you pay your bill or give it directly to the therapist. Be assured your therapist will receive 100% of the gratuity.

More Policies for Hands On HealthCare can be found here.


Are massage therapists being accepted on insurance provider panels?
As health plans recognize the efficacy of massage and its value, as well as the competency of massage therapists, the number of therapists on insurance provider panels is rapidly increasing.

How do I determine what type of massage therapy my patients should have and whether they need to see someone who specializes in a particular massage or touch technique?
The best approach is to find a qualified, professional massage therapist who can determine and/or recommend massage appropriate for the situation.

What does a massage therapist do that a physical therapist usually does not?
Massage Therapists focus on the normalization of soft tissues affected by stress, injury, and illness through the use of manual techniques that improve circulation, enhance muscular relaxation, relieve pain, reduce stress or promote health and well being. These techniques may include, but are not limited to soft tissue manipulation, active and passive stretching, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Application of hot and cold therapies is permitted when necessary. Massage Therapy does not consist of strengthening the muscles or exercise. Licensed Massage Therapists do not diagnose, however they may include assessments, such as a range of motion evaluation, in order to monitor changes and or goals. Massage therapists have extensive training specific to their field. Physical therapists have training in basic massage, but not the specialized education of massage therapists.

Does the patient have to completely disrobe?
Some forms of massage may be performed with the patient fully clothed.

Who are massage therapists?
Massage therapists are licensed health professionals who apply a variety of scientifically developed massage techniques to the soft tissue of the body to improve muscle tone and circulation. Massage therapists work to enhance well-being, reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and tension, prevent disease, and restore health.

What techniques do massage therapists use at HOHCMT?
Our Massage therapists use many different massage techniques and methods. These include the following, among others: Medical Massage, Swedish/European Massage, Connective Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Massage (Trigger Points), Myofascial Release and Manual Lymph Drainage.

Is a prescription required?
No, with the exception of No-Fault and Worker's Comp, who require a prescription for billing purposes. However, a script is always helpful, so that we know exactly what you recommend and for which diagnosis. Massage therapists may provide services that lead to improved health and muscle function, but they do not diagnose medical diseases or disorders. They evaluate patients/clients in terms of health and disease in order to know what massage technique should be used and when to make referrals to other health care practitioners.

What credentials do New York licensed massage therapists have?
New York licensed massage therapists have completed a massage training program, including the following: · courses in anatomy, physiology, neurology, myology, pathology, hygiene, first aid, CPR, and infection control procedures · course work, training and practice in the theory and techniques of both oriental and western massage In addition, New York massage therapists have passed a State licensing examination.


Physician Prescribed Manual Therapy
A system of manually applied techniques designed to reduce pain, establish normal tissue tension, create a positive tissue environment and to normalize the movement of the musculoskeletal system. PPMT (Physician Prescribed Manual Therapy) is a result oriented treatment that is specifically designed to resolve conditions that have been diagnosed and prescribed by a Physician or other Licensed Health Care Provider. PPMT may also include techniques such as Neuromuscular Re-education, Trigger Point Work, etc. PPMT is manual therapy to the PRIMARY area of the client's chief complaint. The PPMT protocol involves several progressive steps or stages of treatment that attempt to correct abnormal conditions affecting the joint complex.

Medical Massage
This type of massage focuses on treatments of injuries, pathologies and rehabilitation. The target tissues may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels, or organs of the gastrointestinal system. Very often sessions may include other manual therapy techniques as well.
Trigger Point Therapy
A trigger point is an area of a muscle that refers pain sensations to other parts of the body. Trigger Point Therapy applies pressure to these points in order to deactivate them leading to immediate release of tension and improved muscular functioning. This work is based upon the trigger point research and manuals of Dr. Janet Travell, President Kennedy’s personal physician. Sometimes this work is incorporated into other styles of massage therapy such as neuromuscular therapy (NMT.)  See Separate Article on Trigger Point Therapy. This work is only done by our Advanced Medical Massage Therapists.


Neuromuscular Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is used for pain relief and specific problems. Structural and postural imbalances are identified through an initial postural assessment. These are then addressed through systematic and site specific massage. There are five principles to Neuromuscular Therapy: Postural Distortion, Biomechanical Dysfunctions, Trigger Points, Nerve Compression/Entrapment, Ischemia. This work is only done by our Advanced Massage Therapists.


Myofascial Release - Direct

Myofascial release refers to the manual massage technique for stretching the fascia (a complex supportive web throughout the body that affects all components of the musculoskeletal, nervous and visceral systems) then releasing bonds between fascia, integument and muscles with the goal of eliminating pain, increasing range of motion and equilibrioception. Myofascial release usually involves applying shear compression or tension in various directions or by skin rolling. It is used to evaluate and treat restrictions in the body's connective tissue. Myofascial release can be used to treat chronic pain, injuries, general aches and pains. Plantar Fasciitis, Myofascial Pain Disorder and Fibromyalgia are common conditions treated with Myofascial Release.  This work is only done by our Advanced Massage Therapists.


*Manual Lymph Drainage

MLD, is a gentle lymphatic massage technique used to clear up blockages in the lymphatic system allowing lymph to flow more freely. The lymphatic system is a series of ducts, nodes and organs that balances the body's fluid levels. It also supplies the body with important immune cells. When this system becomes blocked, swelling the blocked area occurs. The therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions such as lymphedema, burns, fluid retention, lymph node removal, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic mastitis, and headaches. During a Manual Lymphatic Drainage session the therapist works on the skin directly with no massage lotion or oil. The patient may stay fully dressed.


Oncology Massage
Offers a beneficial touch to cancer patients without making their conditions worse. The focus of oncology massage is generally on creating a gentle, nurturing environment for the patient, allowing the patient to relax.
Breast Massage
Massaging the breast tissue, once thought to be too sexual in nature, now is a treatment for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. The ribs under the breasts and along the sides of the breast need to be cleared of toxin buildup. The sternum, clavicle and armpit area are addressed to facilitate lymph flow. Massage can also be used to assist in recovery of mastectomies and breast surgeries. See Article on Proactive Self Care for Breast Health

Swedish Massage Therapy
This is the most common type of massage therapy in the United States. A collection of techniques designed for relaxation, using massage oils and long, slow strokes. Many of the therapeutic effects include increased circulation, increased flexibility, removal of lactic acid and toxins, relaxes nervous system, and stimulates the skin. Techniques can be modified to treat injuries and muscular related problems.

*Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy massage is massage therapy with the addition of one or more scented plant oils called essential oils to address specific needs. The massage therapist can select oils that are relaxing, energizing, stress-reducing, balancing, etc. One of the most common essential oils used in aromatherapy massage is lavender. Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to stress-related conditions or conditions with an emotional component.


* Hot Soothing Stone Massage
Heated, smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to warm and loosen tight muscles and balance energy centers in the body. The massage therapist may also hold stones and apply gentle pressure with them. The warmth is comforting. Hot stone massage is good for people who have muscle tension but prefer lighter massage. We use the stones as extensions of our hands and make sure not only that the stones are used, but our hand strokes compliment them.


Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The massage therapist uses slower strokes or friction techniques across the grain of the muscle. Deep tissue massage is used for chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury. People often feel sore for one to two days after deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy Massage
Yes, we have those special tables with removable belly and breast recesses!
Massage therapists who are certified in pregnancy massage know the proper way to position and support the woman's body during the massage, and how to modify techniques. Pregnancy massage is used to reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches and pains, and reduce anxiety and depression. The following guidelines have been established by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. A woman in any of these categories should obtain a release from her primary care provider before receiving a massage. 1) The pregnancy is high risk, i.e., the mother has used fertility methods to get pregnant or has had difficulty getting pregnant naturally, 2) She has miscarried in the first trimester of previous pregnancies, 3) She has a cardiac disorder (heart or pulmonary problems), 4) She has a history of problems in pregnancy, 5) There is a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.), 6) The mother is under age 20 or over 35, 7) The mother has asthma, 8) The mother has been exposed to illegal drugs. Only our therapists with additional training in Pre-natal Massage will work on Pregnant woman with pain.


Reflexology involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot that correspond to organs and systems in the body. Reflexology is very relaxing, especially for people who stand on their feet all day or just have tired, achy feet. Specific thumb movements are utilized.


Sports Massage
Sports massage is specifically designed for people who are involved in physical activity. However, you don't have to be a professional athlete to have one-it's also used by people who are active and work out often. The focus isn't on relaxation but on preventing and treating injury and enhancing athletic performance. A combination of techniques is used. The strokes are generally faster than Swedish massage. Facilitated stretching is a common technique. It helps to loosen muscles and increase flexibility.


*Homeopathy Massage
Homeopathy means to treat with something that produces an effect similar to the suffering. Remedies are made with diluted mixtures of plant substances that when given full strength may cause the problem or imbalance. The higher the dilution the stronger the remedy. Symptoms are the attempts of the body to heal itself. Repressing them with drug therapy causes the root cause to remain. Homeopathy is not the same as Naturopathic Medicine. Our homeopathic massage oil contains eight different remedies at a 30x strength. Each of the remedies helps relieve discomfort from pain stemming from various causes.


*Ashiatsu Barefoot Deep Tissue Therapy
(Ashi means “foot” and atsu means “pressure”) is a massage technique that dates back as far as the 12th century. Massaging the body with the feet is a hallmark of bodywork throughout India, Japan, China, Thailand, Africa and the Philippines. In today’s more Americanized version of Barefoot Ashiatsu, the therapist uses an overhead system of hand-held bars for balance. Clean, soft feet will apply deep compression and long flowing strokes to bring about structural change in chronically tight muscle tissue, while invoking a state of deep relaxation.

*Additional fees apply


And last but certainly not least ....

John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach - READ MORE HERE!


BodyFix Massage Therapy Sessions

Geared towards specific medical conditions or any area that needs special attention

30 Minutes $45.00
45 Minutes $63.00
Series of Six 30 Minutes $249.00
Series of Twelve 30 Minutes $480.00
Series of Six 45 Minutes $351.00
Series of Twelve 45 Minutes $684.00

MeltAway Massage Sessions

Melt away your stress and pain. Heavenly heated table, hot stone sampler enhancement, inhale- deeply- aromatherapy, hot towel treats. Complimentary Upgrade from our Classic Massage

Individual Session Pricing and
VIP Pricing
Commit to yourself, not to us!


50 Minute MeltAway

Come 11 x's Get 12th Free = $63.25 each



60 Minute MeltAway

Come 11 x's Get 12th Free = $73.33 each


90 Minute MeltAway

Come 11 x's Get 12th Free = $99.92 each


120 Minute MeltAway

Come 11 x's Get 12th Free = $132.91 each


Our VIP pricing is designed to help you save money and also ease your mind on having to lay out a large sum of money all at once! For every 11 massages that you receive you will get your 12th massage for FREE! Sessions must be 50 minutes or more.
No Memberships! No Contracts! No Commitments! 
All sessions must be the same length.
Gift Certificates are not included.

Can not be shared.

Can not be bought with SpaFinder, Way Spa, Spa Wish Gift Certificates or any other gift certificate from an outside vendor.

Can not be combined with any other offer

Pre- Paid Series
Can be shared by family and friends
Gift Certificates can be purchased off of packages
Can not be bought with SpaFinder, Way Spa or Spa Wish Gift Certificates

Series of Six 50 Minutes $390.00
Series of Twelve 50 Minutes $750.00
Series of Six 60 Minutes $447.00
Series of Twelve 60 Minutes $864.00
Series of Six 90 Minutes $606.00
Series of Twelve 90 Minutes $1,176.00

Couples Spa Date Menu Prices

Couples Massage and Spa Page

Decadent Duo
     A wonderful experience for the couple looking to celebrate! Indulge in chocolate dipped strawberries served with a delicious bubbly beverage, followed by 60 minute Aromatherapy massages. Then back to celebrating your love for one another with more bubbly beverages and an absolutely tantalizing foot soak! Complimentary use of slippers and robes.



Ultimate Decadent Duo
    Also includes fireplace, choice of body butter, pumpkin spice river rock footsoak, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, and 75 minute massages.




Ultimate Extended Decadent Duo
    90 minute Massages
*Suggested Upgrade* Cinnamon Chocolate Dipped Apple Wedges and Hot Cocoa instead of strawberries and champagne $10.00. Includes extra apples to enjoy later.




Romantic Spa-Licious Getaway · 75 minute Massage Therapy session · Choice of Chocolate or     Champagne & Rose Body butter · Aaah! Spa Foot Ritual · Lush hydrating wrap for the hands · A cooling facial refresher masque




Romantic Ultimate Spa-Licious Getaway 

    · Cozy fireplace · 100 minute Massage Therapy session · Choice of Chocolate or Champagne & Rose Body butter · Aaah! Spa Foot Ritual · Lush hydrating wrap for the hands · A cooling facial refresher masque · Chocolate Covered Strawberries · Bubbly Beverage




Spa Romance Package 
    • 75 minute Massage Therapy session • Choice of Chocolate or Champagne & Rose Body butter • A Retreat for the Feet Sampler • Enveloping the hands with a natural botanical serum • A cooling facial refresher masque




Ultimate Spa Romance Package 
     90 minute Massage Therapy session • Choice of Chocolate or Champagne & Rose Body butter • A Retreat for the Feet Sampler • Enveloping the hands with a natural botanical serum • A cooling facial refresher masque • Use of Spa slippers and robes • Aromatic Rose Petal Foot Soak • Chocolate Covered Strawberries or Apples • Bubbly Beverage




Sweethearts Package a/k/a Relax My Back to the Max! 
    Our Warm Chocolate Paraffin infused with vanilla, honey and nutmeg is applied to your back and it’s heat deeply penetrates even the tightest of muscles. 90 Minutes of Pure Muscle Melt Down! Then Relax to the Max with Bubbly, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a River Rock Foot Soak Hands On Time 1.5 hours / Total Time 1.75 hours




Cheap Spa Date for Men and Women, BFFs, Mother and Daughter... 
   a/k/a The Spa Retreat For Two
   a/k/a Affordable Couples Spa Date 
    a/k/a Frugal Couple Spa Treatment 
    a/k/a "Due to these economic times" Spa Session! 
    a/k/a Bargain Stress- Relief Spa Day

    a/k/a Discount without a coupon Massage and Facial Time Together!

Spa Hour Massage (50 Minutes) + Spa Hour Facial (50 Minutes) for 2! Includes Upgrade To MeltAway Massages! Heat Treats, Aromatherapy, Hot Rock Sampler!
Regular Price $322.00, Sale $276.00 per couple

Do Not Disturb Couples Retreat $315.00

Pampering begins with our wonderfully relaxing "sedate me" scalp massage, followed by your duet Meltaway Massages enhanced with a wonderfully relaxing retreat for the feet scrub and european mud! Foot soaks & extra time to un-wind in slippers & robes make this truly an experience to remember. 90 minutes hands on time 2 hours total time



We Will, We Will Rock You ! 
    Duet Soothing Stone Sessions! Side by side duet Soothing Stone Massage Sessions will make you melt into oblivion as soothing warmth emanates from heated river stones strategically placed to deeply penetrate into sensitive pressure points. The smooth texture from the stones combined with long, calming strokes relax and rejuvenate you and yours from head to toe. Ahhhhhhh!





Couples 4 Handed Ultimate Indulgence Package 
    4 Hands for each, 4 Therapists for the 2 of You!

Having two massage therapists massage those muscles at the same time certainly sounds luxurious. But is it worth to pay double the price of a single-therapist massage? You bet it is! *Warning; four hand massage may be addicting. 60 Minute Session



It's Better Together!
   Couples Massage And Spa Date 1  hour Massage, 1 Hour Facial, 1 Hour Body Treatment, Hand And Feet Lush Treats, Spa Snacks. Wellness Begins Here!




The Crème de la Crème

    Imagine yourself in warm slippers and robes in a beautiful, private couples suite. Customize your spa services by choosing your scented body scrub and body butter in front of the cozy fireplace...

Pampering begins with a full body exfoliation with your selected scrub. Then, you and yours will each be enveloped in a rich and creamy warmed body butter wrap. During the wrap, you will be sedated with a scalp massage using herbal infused pure essential oils... MeltAway Massages (which always include hot rocks and hot towel treats) and Fabulous Facials follow! A tandem, luxurious retreat for the feet is also included. Hot towels, aromatic scrubs, more hot towels, European mud and even more hot towels will melt you into oblivion! How can the day get any better?...With a tantalizing River Rock foot soak! Succumb to the last moment of Zen before you depart from the spa...Suggested add-ons include chocolate covered strawberries with champagne or cinnamon chocolate dipped apple wedges (includes extra to take home) with hot cocoa
for a day that you and your loved one will remember forever... Allow 4.25 hours

$50.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Required 72 hour Cancellation Policy




Suggested Ad-On The Chocolate Experience 
    The sweet scent of chocolate fills the air as we proceed with a Chocolate Wrap (30 minutes) for the two of you, followed by delicious decadent chocolate treats, enjoyed while soaking your feet! (Additional 15 minutes unwind time.) Complimentary use of Slippers and robes. How Sweet it is!



Himalayan Salt Room Experiences

Essential Yours

     Enjoy the purity and clarity of the Himalayan Lamps as you experience a pampering 90 minute Swedish Massage designed to deeply relax and sedate your mind, body and spirit. A pampering Himalayan Foot Scrub will leave you with a feeling of ahhhh! 

Optional Upgrade - Dead Sea Salt Facial Refresher Masque



Decadent Getaway

     A wonderful experience for the couple looking to celebrate! Indulge in custom made chocolates topped with Himalayan Salt served with a complimentary bubbly beverage, followed by 60 minute Aromatherapy massages. Then back to celebrating your love as you enjoy warm foot detox domes that are said to absorb and extract toxins from your body, support blood circulation, and reduce swelling. We just know they feel great! Complimentary use of slippers and robes.90 Minute Session; 60 Minutes Hands On.



Himalayan Warm Stone Experience

     Long flowing massage strokes and hand-carved warm massage stones are used to gently soothe away accumulations of stress, tension and pollutants. Himalayan Salt is said to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians. We just know they feel good! Helps bring the mind, body and spirit, into balance. Total 60 Minutes.



Harmony and Balance Couples Massage Experience

     It is said that the two complementary forces make up all aspects and phenomena of life. Engaging the cooling effect and the warming effect of Himalayan Salt Stones this session results in very deep relaxation, improved sleep and reduced inflammation in addition to mild detoxification and exfoliation. Our massage stones are artisan carved artisan from pink Himalayan salt crystals to provide a euphoric calming massage. Exfoliating, mineralizing and gently detoxifying, they leave skin radiant and muscles deeply relaxed. These stones contain 84 essential minerals and trace elements that deeply penetrate to alkalize, detoxify and gently purify toxins, release stress and tension, relax tired muscles, alleviate aches and pains, exfoliate and moisture the skin, replenish your sense of well-being and balance. Great for those who suffer from anxiety and insomnia, muscle pain or tension. Total 75 minutes.



Fire, Rock, Water and Light

     Our signature treatment blends the natural elements of The Spa — Fire, Rock, Water and Light — into one luxurious experience. Treatment includes indulgences such as a full body exfoliation, hot towel treats, a lush hydrating body masque and a relaxing, pampering massage. Feels like an entire day at The Spa. Total 90 Minutes.



Sanctuary Of The Senses Experience

     This journey through the senses begins with gentle exfoliation, sloughing off daily stresses and free radicals. We continue with drizzles of the finest rose essential oils, ensuring the entire body is enveloped. These oils further penetrate the skin, softening it, as we provide a warm, full-body wrap. Finally, you are given a relaxing half-hour massage. A Take Home The Experience Gift is yours to enjoy. Total 75 Minutes.



Massage Combinations

Day Spa Services Page

Soothing Stone Massage Therapy

    Just take a minute to imagine lying comfortably while a path is traced along your muscles using warm soothing stones and oil. The smooth texture from the stones combined with long, calming strokes relaxes and rejuvenate you from head to toe.

60 Minute $110.00

90 Minute $134.00


EscapeAway Spa Experience

    Aromatic Foot & Hydrating Hand Soaks, compliment our sense-seducing escape from the everyday world. Culminating with a fragrant, full-body MeltAway massage using the botanical essences of pomegranate and fig or papaya and green tea. The healing hands of our therapists will transport your mind and body to a complete state of relaxation with a rich array of indulgent treats for your scalp, face, back, legs and feet! Total Time - 90 minutes, Hands On time - 60 minutes


60 minutes  $155.00
90 minutes  $175.00
120 min       $210.00


Warm Detoxifying Paraffin

    Painted or applied with strips, onto the body part to help to release muscle tension, decrease joint stiffness, increase circulation and hydrate skin. Paraffin therapy is especially beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, tennis elbow, overworked and fatigued muscles, scar tissue, which reduces range of motion in joints and tendons, as well as many sports injuries.

Choices: From the top of the back to above the waist or from the buttocks to behind the knee or From the top of the back to behind the knees


60 minute $115.00

90 minute $144.00



Four Hand Massage

    Having two massage therapists massage those muscles at the same time certainly sounds luxurious. But how do you know if it’s worth it to pay double the price of a single-therapist massage? 
This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go of thoughts. Not only will you emerge after the massage with relaxed muscles, but your mind will be clear of clutter.


30 minute $90.00

60 minute $160.00


Ladies Choice Aroma Therapy Session Classic

    Designed specifically for women to help restore balance and ease stress. A well composed blend of precious oils and hormone balancing essential oils including orange, sandalwood, clary sage, rose, jasmine, yarrow, tan acetum, ylang ylang and vetiveter combined with a massage therapy session geared towards a woman's special needs.


60 Minute $92.00

90 Minute  $121.00


Spa Sampler

    A refreshing sample of all things spa! From the top of your head with our "I Wanna Be Sedated Scalp Massage" to the tip of your toes with our Retreat for the Feet Sampler. Your once in a lifetime experience will also include a soothing, Lush Hydrating Wrap for the Hands and a tension relieving back massage with our heated Stone Sampler. 60 Minutes





The Ouch Back

    The deep penetrating heat of our paraffin wax layered on the back, coupled with a 30 minute Massage session, targeting all related musculature. 45 Minutes




The Ouch Back Deluxe

    Start by entering an inviting room and experience a warm paraffin treatment applied to the back (shoulders to waist) that will be massaged off during a rejuvenating 60 minute massage therapy session.  Allow 75 Minutes




Mini Day of Relaxing

    Your path to ultimate relaxation begins with a 1 Hour Soothing Stone Massage complemented by the "I Wanna Be Sedated" Scalp Massage. The wonderful warmth of an AromaSteam follows. Finally, relax from your head to your toes with a tantalizing foot soak while sipping on infused spa water.  Allow 2 1/4 Hours (135 Minutes)



Ice Breaker

    Warm Detoxifying Paraffin is applied to the back. While setting, enjoy a refreshing scalp and foot massage followed by 60 minute full body massage. Allow 90 Minutes




Steam Treatment and Ultimate Relaxation Extended Massage

    A journey of total immersion into tranquil luxury and quiet relaxation... Beginning with a full body massage and additional time on the shoulders, back or feet, followed by the tension relieving warmth of an Aroma Steam. Includes Aromatherapy Approx. 70 Minute Massage, 20 Minute Steam




The MeltDown

    Deep Tissue Extended Massage Session with Steam Therapy. The therapeutic massage portion incorporates traditional massage, trigger point work and deep tissue work geared towards specific, targeted muscles. Ideal for enhancing athletic performance and/or chronic muscle tension spasms and those stubborn knots. Approx. 40 Minute Massage, 20 Minute Steam




Retreat for the Feet

    Begins with hot, moist towels wrapped around the feet... warmed aromatic salt massaged in to stimulate circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells... A European Rose Mud Mask is applied to draw out toxins and leave the feet petal soft. A great way to unstress without undress! 30 minutes.


30 minutes $60.00

Add on $15.00


Royalty Rose Treatment

    Begin with a wonderful Rose Petal Foot Soak while enjoying the company of family or friends. Then depart to your private treatment room where you'll find soft linens and a warmed,cushy table await you. Breathe in the aromatic fragrance of the French countryside as you surround the skin in a richly hydrating cocoon of European Rose Body Mud. This remarkable mud contains soothing Rose Clay extracted from the Provence region of France. European Rose Body Mud is the ultimate for skin refining and extreme hydration, perfectly suited for dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin. A soothing, sensual massage with our velvety roseoil follows and  is the pinnacle of this Hands On signature treatment. Pure luxury and relaxation for someone special.




Rose Petal Massage

    A calming, tranquil experience that begins with exfoliation followed by a luxurious massage massage with our exquisite herbal rose oil to lavishly hydrate the body. This treatment leaves your skin soft, nourished, and deliciously scented. 60 minutes.



Finishing Touches

Radiant Eye Contour Treatment Enhancement

    A light anti aging emollient serum soothes delicate tissue around the eye area while stimulating blood circulation, alleviating dark circles and puffiness. With Facial Only



For Your Eyes Only

    Includes Lavender & Chamomile Herbal EyeTea Pads and Facial Massage, to assist in draining fluid around the eyes to reduce puffiness. A light anti aging emollient serum soothes delicate tissue around eye area while stimulating blood circulation, alleviating dark circles and puffiness. With Facial Only




Naked Kissable Lips Treatment

    Rescue your lips from the fine lines that are the tell-tale signs of aging with Age Reversal Technology, Freeze 24/7®. Lips are gently exfoliated and deeply hydrated for a more kissable you! With Facial Only




Love your "V" Necks Again

    Add an exfoliation and hydrator for your neck and decollete (chest) for a total transformation With Facial Only




Lush Hydrating Wrap for the Hands

    The perfect treat for hands. A rich warm balm that melts on contact is applied to your hands leaving your hands soft, restored, and perfectly hydrated.




Retreat for the Feet Sampler

    Hot towels... Champagne and Rose foot scrub... more hot towels.... aromatic European Rose Mud ... more hot towels... absolutely scrumptious! Will leave your feet "petal soft."



I Wanna Be Sedated Scalp Massage

    A scalp massage oil with Jojoba oil and herbal infused pure essential oils. Designed to relax and revitalize. Great for tension headaches, stress and insomnia as well! Will also combat a dry and flaky scalp. Can include neck and shoulder massage. Add-on to any treatment.




Soothing Stone Sampler 

    Hand and Stone Massage Spa Treatment! What a tease! Will leave you wanting to come back for more!




Aaah! Spa Foot Ritual 

    Includes a peppermint foot scrub, a hot towel pressure point massage, finishing with a rejuvenating complex of Lavender, Litsea and Peppermint.




Foot soaks

    Includes use of warm, soft robe and slippers. Choice of rose petal or pumpkin spice




Pomegranate and Fig Foot or Hand Soak

    Takes soaks to a new level! Beautifully scented leaves leave you hydrated and pampered.




Papaya and Green Tea Foot or Hand Soak

    Your feet and hands will find this an absolutely delicious spa experience!



Foot Wraps

    Choice of Lush Fig Hydrating Warming Balm or Green Tea Masque Treat your feet! Mini wrap for your feet will leave them feeling fresh, rejuvenated and hydrated. We will dry brush prior to, but suggest his treatment follows a foot scrub.




Aroma Therapy Relaxation Scalp Treatment

    A scalp massage oil with Jojoba oil and herbal infused pure essential oils. Designed to relax and revitalize. Great for tension headaches, stress and insomnia as well! Will also combat a dry and flaky scalp. Can include neck and shoulder massage. Add-on to any treatment 




Dry Brushing

    Helps to improve skin health to stimulate lymph and blood circulation for the removal of impurities under the skin surface. In addition, it is commonly used for General health, fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune processes, etc.




Warmed Body Butter

    A spa treatment for your senses! Melt away with a massage session using warmed body butter. Choice of Decadent Chocolate, Mango, Cranberry, Lavender or Roses and Champagne.




Pomegranate or Green Tea Butter Cream

    Soothing, nourishing and balancing. Warmed cream is recommended for dry dehydrating skin. Provides antioxidant support and protection from damaging free radicals.




Spa-licious Body Scrub

    Transport the senses and transform the skin. Choice of Chocolate Decadence (nourishing slimming, calming), Cranberry (Anti-Aging), Mango (abundant anti-oxidants), Lavender (Stress and Insomnia) or Deliciously Fragrant Roses and Champagne (full of anti-oxidants)




Pomegranate or Green Tea Feet or Hand Scrub

    Delicious Treat for the Hands or Feet! Antioxidant support and protection from damaging free radicals.




Quicky Facial Refresher

Experience real Dead Salt Minerals with our quick, cooling facial mask! Great for the ladies & men!





Fragrant essence fill the air and essential oils combined with Jojoba are applied to the skin. Choice of Rest and Relaxation or Muscle Melt Down. We have now included a choice of Calm, Relief, and Detox by Essence of Vali. The feedback from these products have been wonderful!





With Massage Session


Hands $15.00


Ecofin Hand and Foot Treatments

Ecofin is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin. It is made with 100% natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils. It contains no petroleum, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances. Ecofin is a healthy and nourishing treatment that leaves your skin soft and supple without harming the environment. 


Ecofin for Hands $15 Ecofin for Feet $15  Hands & feet $30



Heat Treat Wrap for Neck or Back




Chocolate Experience

Chocolate Paraffin infused with vanilla, honey and nutmeg is applied to your back and its heat deeply penetrates even the tightest of muscles. Tender points and trigger points in your legs and arms are disarmed while you are enveloped.




Spa-Lushous Body Wrap

A lush moisturizer is used to hydrate your whole body, leaving a elegant, satin feel. The rich balm soothes and softens rough or dry skin. Promotes healing, nourishing and detoxification. Also aids in skin regeneration and improves general skin health. Includes a full body dry brushing and exfoliation.



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